CPD Facilitator

Deadline: 6 pm – Wednesday 28th October

Juno Theatre is looking for an inspirational facilitator to run one of four Arts Council funded development days for writers and theatre practitioners in Salisbury.

Based in the Salisbury area, Juno Theatre has been set up to nurture women’s writing for the theatre and promote the work of female theatre practitioners. This is the first of four creative development days (November 28th, February 27th, May 21st, July 23rd) that will examine different aspects of theatre making from a female perspective.

This one-day workshop for theatre writers and practitioners explores what you need to create a really compelling piece of drama. While we are open to suggestions as to content we would like the first ever workshop to support theatre makers by reflecting some of the qualities of Disney’s ‘imagineering’ concept – creating powerful, immersive experiences with a strong visual element that can live in an audience’s memory for many years.

This may include, but is not restricted to, looking at how to find the initial inspiration for new work as well as how to scope and structure it.

The fee for running the workshop will be £250.

Send us a letter of application and your cv:

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