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10/19/2015 by juno theatre

JUNO Theatre is the exciting new hub for local female writers and theatre practitioners in Salisbury and surrounding areas. The company has received Arts Council funding to stage an evening of new writing from women, who have something to say, and want to say it. The remit of JUNO Theatre is to develop and celebrate the female voice in all aspects of theatre making. It has been formed to create opportunities for female playwrights and theatre practitioners based within a 40 mile radius of Salisbury, Wiltshire.

In February, we will be staging a showcase at the Salisbury Arts Centre and we are now inviting writers’ submissions around the theme ‘Circling The Square’. We are looking for fresh, complete new plays, two- handers, three-handers or monologues that take inspiration from this title. They can be funny, poignant, daring, defiant, thought-provoking.

Rules: Writers must live within a 40 mile radius of Salisbury to submit. The work must be a new piece, not staged before, professionally, or otherwise. Scripts must be a maximum of 20 minutes long, with no more than 3 characters. The scripts MUST be written by women, but characters may be male and female. Please be aware that plays will be performed with minimal props and using a flexible stage setting, which will be adapted for all the plays in the showcase. We may not be able to consider plays that require complex settings, complicated lighting or sound effects.

Format: Please submit your script as a Word document, using a standard script format with wide margins and a common font such as Courier New, or Times New Roman at 12 pt. For guidance, please visit, BBC Script Room website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/writersroom/ Pages must be numbered with the title of the piece on the cover page, but NOT the name of the writer.

We can accept one script per writer free of charge. If your play is selected for performance in the showcase the writer will receive a fee of £300 for attending the first day of your play’s rehearsal in Salisbury, and the final performance inclusively. Writers must be available throughout January 2016 – first rehearsal date TBA. Additional scripts will be considered at a charge of £20 per script, with a cheque payable to Juno Theatre. Please do NOT include script documents with cheque.

We will acknowledge receipt of your script and successful writers will be notified by: Monday 9th November. If our readers feel your script would benefit from further work, we will provide feedback and you will have a further 10 days (9th-20th November) to make any adjustments. We will be happy to offer brief feedback for all submissions on request. Following any re-writes we reserve the right to reject any scripts we do not feel can be successfully staged as part of the JUNO showcase. Please ensure that your name and contact details are on a separate document to the script itself as the scripts will be read and appraised anonymously.

To be considered for this exciting opportunity; please email your script to:


Deadline: Midnight Friday 23rd October 2015

Please NOTE: NO postal script submissions or late submissions will be considered.

Additional script cheques to be sent with your name, email, telephone number and relevant play title to: Juno Theatre, South Pines, Brigmerston, Salisbury SP4 8JA

Additional notes:

We came up with this theme because we feel it will inspire (female) writers to explore its meaning in any number of ways. As the phrase is the opposite of ’Squaring the circle’ which means something that is impossible to achieve. ‘Circling the Square’ could mean that the impossible can become possible. Then there is also the symbolism in the circle representing the ‘feminine’ going round, encircling the ‘masculine’, the square. It could mean bringing together both the feminine and masculine. Then again we could see the square as representing the old fashioned – conformity, the norm, the staid and the circle taking us away from this-representing fluidity, movement, connectivity, no sides. There are any number of ways that writers could construe the phrase, and we will be looking for original, innovative, fresh, inspiring complete new plays that take ‘circling the square ‘ as their starting point.

Thinking outside of the box is what JUNO Theatre will be all about.

Please submit your work by Friday October 23rd as per our original brief.

Thank you,

Moira Townsend Williams

Producer for JUNO Theatre Showcase

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